Beware of the Scam!

20 / 07 / 2015 / 0 comments

Last year my parents kept getting these weird phone calls. The caller would claim to be from their internet provider and say that there were problems with their connection and they just needed to verify Mum and Dad’s personal information…

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My Cup of Tea

13 / 07 / 2015 / 0 comments

Tea originated in China, most likely as a medicinal drink. And, to me, it still feels like it has medicinal qualities. Just think of the number of times you’ve offered to make a cup of tea for a friend who…

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Love ’em or hate ’em – treat them right!

6 / 07 / 2015 / 0 comments

Big boobs. If you’ve got ’em, chances are, you’d rather not. If you don’t, chances are, you’d love to. Let’s face it, there are pros and cons. But we’ve got what we’ve got, and today our guest blogger Jen Mackinder…

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Bettering Oneself

29 / 06 / 2015 / 0 comments

Last week I wrote about the joys of doing nothing. Or doing something solely for pleasure, even if that activity wasn’t the most productive use of your time. I think those activities – be they watching reality TV or creating…

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The Joys of Wasting Time

22 / 06 / 2015 / 0 comments

Wasting time What’s your favourite way to waste time? Recently I sat on the couch, watching reality TV, knitting a tiny jumper for a Barbie Doll, and I thought to myself: “I can think of about 743 more useful things…

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Bored already? School Holiday Ideas

15 / 06 / 2015 / 0 comments

We’ve only got two weeks before the school holidays begin, so in our house we’re starting to plan lots of fun stuff to do to stop us all from staying inside and killing each other. I thought I’d share my…

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9 / 06 / 2015 / 0 comments

A few weeks ago, Mum went for a bone scan. My three-year-old was horrified. As so many complicated subjects do, this came up while I was driving, en route to school and preschool drop-offs. ‘Why does she have to get…

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Just breathe

1 / 06 / 2015 / 0 comments

Sleep in in short supply in my house. That’s a relative thing to say, and as I type this I’m remembering all the newborn babies and zombie-fied parents I spent today with, and I know that things could be a…

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