Not many of us have the luxury of an interior designer at our beck and call, but with a bit of inspo from our favourite magazines, websites like Apartment Therapy and Houzz, and some basic design principals, we can all create a home we that’s as attractive and welcoming as it is comfortable. Here are some tips:

  1. Lighting – This is so crucial, and easy to work with. Most designers agree that bringing light into your room from a few different heights is a good idea. So experiment with lamps as well as what’s attached to your ceiling.

(solarisgirl lamps

  1. Odd Numbers – It’s one of life’s great mysteries, but everything looks better in odd numbers: cushions, balloons, candles. So remember, odd = interesting.
  2. Symmetry – Think about everything in a room and how it all balances out, even with the odd-number rule, you don’t want a top-heavy room.
  3. Art – make sure the middle of the artwork is at eye-height for the average adult. Then it will look right, every time.


(Lucy Orloski late summer living room from

  1. Comfort and utility – Father of the Arts and Crafts movement, William Morris, told us we should only have beautiful or useful items. But I’ll go one further and say “comfortable”, too. You’ll likely spend a lot of time on that couch and in those dining chairs. Make sure they’ll love you back.

I said “comfortable”, LOL. (Peter Smith Brush sofa from

  1. Love – If you only buy things you absolutely love, you’ll always be happy in your own home. You might find it at an op-shop or it might be an heirloom or something you found in a designer store. If you love it, it will be a reflection of your personality. And what could be better?


(jinkazamah Green from