We can now send messages to friends and family via SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, email and many more different methods and platforms.

But are we aware of the dos and don’ts of these communication platforms? Should there be a time cut-off for text messages? And what about WhatsApp?

The argument for not sending text (or SMS) messages late into the evening (past, say 9.30pm) is that many people these days don’t have landline phones. As such they leave their mobile phone on the bedside table all night, in case they get an emergency call, and don’t want to be woken at midnight by a text that says “We’d love to come to dinner next week! Thanks for the invite!”

If it’s that late, the best thing is to send an email or wait until the next day before responding by text.

Emails have no time restrictions. But if you’re on the receiving end you might want to adjust your phone’s notification settings so you don’t get annoying pings about emails at all hours.

And the newer platforms like WhatsApp and Messenger for Facebook? I think the jury is still out. You can go into the settings on your mobile and turn off sounds for notification in each of these platforms. And even when the sound is on, it’s very quiet, so it’s not quite as intrusive as getting a text. I think, arguably, you could say that WhatsApp, Messenger and the like can be used for long, non-urgent chats, and SMS/text can be used for urgent requests or daytime correspondence. But nobody has really set any hard-and-fast rules about it just yet.

Maybe the High Tea Party readers will have some ideas!