Scarves are easy but boring, jumpers tend to be half-finished, blankets take too long. So here are my favourite things to knit now that we’re in winter and, officially, in knitting season.

  1. Socks – There’s nothing like a pair of home-knitted bedsocks. And if you use acrylic wool you can even chuck them in the washing machine when needed. Socks are intimidating to new-knitters but once you get the hang of knitting on double-pointed needles (and it’s really not that hard, just check out YouTube for some tips) you’ll be flying. They don’t take long to knit up and they are always a gratefully appreciated gift and a lovely thing to do for yourself.
  2. Beanies – If knitting in the round is just too intimidating you could try your hand at a pussy-hat, the newest feminist style beanie. It’s a straight knit and very easy and looks great. There’s a pattern here.
  3. A lap blanket – this is not as time-consuming or indimidating as a bed blanket, but will keep your knees warm as you knit it up. There are lots of cute baby blanket or lap blanket patterns on Ravelry.
  4. Headbands – If you want to make something simple and achievable, a crocheted headband might be just the project for you. This very simple pattern looks great when it is finished, can be done in a very short amount of time and makes a lovely gift.
  5. Toys – small toys for little friends or new babies make a lovely quick project that is often really appreciated. I made lots of little dolls for my daughters when they were younger, as well as toys for birthday presents for other kids. If you pick a small toy it will knit up in a jiffy.