The funniest women on the internet

There’s so much good stuff on the internet these days, and a lot of it is home-grown. One of the things I really love is how many funny women there are, just making us laugh by making vids on their iPhones, telling it like it is. Here’s a tribute to my favourite funny ladies on the internet this year. And they’re (mostly) Australian.

  1. Tanya Hennessy – her realistic make-up tutorial has hit something like 60 million accumulative views. And it’s no wonder why: she’s hilarious and honest. I’ve spent a good couple of hours wasting time just watching all her videos, including “Stuff people say to … (insert job title)”. She’ll give you a giggle. Hennessy is a radio broadcaster in Canberra but I doubt it will be long before she’s a household name, if she isn’t already.
  2. Skitbox – have any of your friends shared the “Activewear” song on your Facebook page? This is good fun, and it’s sure to raise a smile if you’re the type of lady who wears gym gear everywhere (it’s comfortable!) or even if you roll your eyes at those who do. These gals have also done a tribute to menstruation (NSFW) and the truth of motherhood that nobody talks about.
  3. We all saw and adored Professor Robert Kelly bravely give an interview with the BBC while his kids went feral and his wife tried to rescue the situation, but have you seen the parody, in which a woman version of Kelly gives the interview, deals with the kids, checks dinner, cleans the toilet and defuses a bomb? Worth it for the wry smile you’ll have if not the giggle. (Technically this is produced by NZ boys but a woman is the hero, and it’s so close, so I’ve included it here 😉 )
  4. Sketch-she – the three models who leapt to fame with their Bohemian Rhapsody mime are still doing funny videos, so keep an eye on their page.
  1. Celeste Barber – this woman is so great. If you haven’t looked at her Instagram account lately, you’re in for a treat. She’s done Beyoncé and it’s beautiful. (If you don’t know, Celeste is the comedian responsible for re-creating ridiculous model poses in her own home to great comic effect).