Are you looking to put a bit more money aside for Christmas? Would you like to celebrate the silly season without a silly credit card debt come January? Well lucky for you we’ve compiled the best tips for saving money without feeling the pinch. Here are seven ideas to accumulate dollars you can then spend on yourself (High Tea Party, anyone?)

  1. Shop around – on your bills.
    When was the last time you changed your insurer? Your energy provider? Or even your home loan? You could save hundreds of dollars with one quick phone call or a brief internet search. All of these providers are looking for your custom and many of them will be willing to offer big discounts just to win your business. So without even cutting back on your shoe habit, save some money here!
  1. Stock up the freezer
    There are always going to be those horrible, feel-like-I’ve-been-hit-by-a-car days and you’re not going to want to cook. Keep a few guilty pleasures in the freezer, like pizza or frozen fries. Something that will satisfy your need for comfort food without you having to blow lots of money on home-delivery.
  2. Work smarter.
    Do you have extra time for a little extra work? A spare room that could be let out on Airbnb? A car that could be driven a couple of times a day for Uber? There are lots of little ways to make money these days if you want to save for something big…
  3. Petrol head
    Here’s a great tip from Choice – shop around before you buy petrol. Motor Mouth and the ACCC are both good sources for helping you know when and where to fuel up. Another thing you could do is walk more … often we use our cars for short trips.
  4. Auto-save
    One thing we do is have an account with an automatic deposit go into it every pay cycle. It’s a good way to save money without noticing it and we can use it at Christmas. The old Christmas Club account is an oldie but a goodie…

  5. Food
    Going to cut-price supermarkets (hello, Aldi) can give you some serious savings. And often we’re swayed by advertising without even knowing it. It’s always better to go shopping with a firm list rather than allowing yourself to be swayed by the bright colours and enticing delicacies you see on the shelves.
  6. Fashion
    I set myself a personal challenge not to buy any new clothing this year. I failed. But all I’ve bought has been one pair of jeans and one jumper, far less than I would have any other year. It’s really taught me to be aware of what I buy and why I buy it. Australians are one of the biggest consumers in the world of clothing. It’s worth spending time thinking about what and why you buy to clothe yourself in. Also looking at some second-hand options both in op shops and online. Save a bundle!