These days, with internet-enabled TVs, almost everyone has access to YouTube on their TV and it’s changed the way we watch it. Our family surf between YouTube clips on the weekend, and in our house it’s mostly about cooking.

Here are our favourite channels:

  1. You Suck at Cooking – this is by far our favourite. The anonymous Canadian host demonstrates real recipes, mostly delicious-looking, but with a cheeky surreal twist. There is bad language but if you don’t mind it too much it’s usually okay for kids. There are hours of entertainment here, plus some good ideas for meals.
  2. Binging with Babish – this cooking show pays homage to the food in TV and the movies. From Friends to The Wire to Spongebob, sandwiches and pasta and Peking Duck are demonstrated by this talented, tattooed chef.
  3. Donal Skehan – he’s on the SBS Food Channel but also has his own YouTube channel. My dad loves him and what’s not to love? He’s cute, funny and cooks simple and comforting food.
  4. Tasty – more than a million people can’t be wrong. Tasty has plenty of great tips and recipes. You can watch the YouTube channel or you can watch the mini versions on Facebook.
  5. Julia Child – how’s this throwback? Not quite YouTube but on the ever trusty PBS site you can find an archive of the fabulous Julia Child.