Sometimes weeknight cooking is too hard but we don’t always want to call for a pizza or put on some 2-minute noodles. The solution is to bake in advance and stock up the freezer. So what are the best things to cook and freeze? Here are some ideas:

  1. Bolognese sauce – Find a simple bolognese recipe and store it in portions. Then all you’ve got to do is defrost and cook up some pasta to go with it. Healthy, hearty dinner in minutes.
  2. Soup – I’ve frozen vegetable soup and pumpkin soup many times and it’s a great one to have on hand. All you need is some crusty bread and you’ve got a meal that will fill anyone up. Here are some good soup recipes.
  3. Vegetarian sausage rolls (or meat sausage rolls) – I’m just suggesting the vego ones because they’re a little healthier so you won’t feel guilty getting them out of the freezer for a weeknight dinner. And they’re delicious. Here’s a recipe.
  4. Chicken Cacciatore. A nice warming casserole is perfect because you can easily add rice. And I have perfected the cooking of rice, thanks to Delia Smith. It’s so easy if you follow her instructions!
  5. Vegetarian lasagne. This one looks good and who doesn’t love lasagne, especially on a weeknight!


PS There’s nothing wrong with keeping frozen vegetables – studies have shown that frozen vegies can have just as many nutrients as fresh.


PPS We also keep crumbed chicken tenders in the freezer. Not exactly winning any health awards, but with some frozen veg and rice it makes a reasonable meal that’s really easy in a pinch and way better than Domino’s.


PPS Here’s a good guide to freezing food: