Tired? Stressed? Eating poorly? Need to exercise more? Look no further. Here are some hints for living better when you’ve really got no time to think about it.

  1. Eat mindfully. This means paying active attention to your food with all five senses and noticing everything about it. To start with, don’t eat while you’re watching TV or reading. It will help you feel fuller and more satisfied with your meal, potentially stopping the urge to binge.
  2. Introduce incidental exercise. Get off a stop early from your bus or train, makes sure you take the stairs instead of the lift, and walk down to the corner shop instead of being tempted to drive. It’s recommended that we exercise for an hour every day, but it doesn’t have to be all in one hit. Doing small chunks of exercise might be easier.
  3. Go on a tech fast. Taking time out from social media and constant availability to everyone via your mobile phone can help you slow down and relax. You can stop worrying about what everyone else is doing, give work a break and more mindfully be with your family or loved ones.
  4. Give up sugar – just for a little while. Okay, so everyone’s doing it and you’re sick of your neighbour/colleague/friend from school/brother-in-law telling you how sugar is bad and fruit causes all evils. But, really, there’s no nutritionist out there who will tell you that free sugar (the stuff that is added to drinks, coffee, tea, cakes, biscuits and sweets) is necessary for your health. And giving it up for a few weeks can help your skin, cause you to eat better (an apple instead of a cookie), and maybe even lose a couple of kilos. And if you quit for three weeks at least, you’ll reset your taste buds and need less of it in future. Win win.
  5. Set an alarm – for going to bed. Setting a regular bedtime can help you create a strong and healthy sleep pattern. At least that’s what the mobile phone companies had in mind for us when they created this natty little feature. So why not set an alarm for sleep time, just as you do for wake time? What have you got to lose?