Winter is upon us and just today I saw some beautiful bamboo knitting needles in my local $2 shop. Just seeing them made me want to get into a project because I adore knitting with bamboo – it’s warm, flexible and has a lovely satisfying “clack clack”. If you have never knitted anything before and would like to get started, I have compiled a list of easy but satisfying projects for you to try. Happy knitting!

  1. Chaussons mignons – or tiny little slippers. This is a very easy project because it is knit in garter stitch (the easiest, just knit all the way, baby, no purling or skipping or yarn over or trickiness like that). And it’s knit flat in a T-shape, you just do some stitching to make it look as cute as it does. I made this when I was a true novice and it turned out pretty well! (This website is in French but there is an English version of the pattern on this page).


  1. Chunky scarf – one of the oldest tricks in the book is to use a nice big chunky yarn. It will make your project finish up quickly and can look really elegant. Another trick is to make it smaller and join it up to make a snood. Very elegant and on-trend.


  1. Cushion cover – okay, so blankets are easy, but who can be bothered knitting and sewing up all those squares? The solution is to keep it simple and knit two squares to make a cute cushion cover. There are heaps of patterns online, from simple to slightly more complicated.


  1. Baby jacket – this is a very simple pattern with some easy steps that anyone could master. And because it’s for a tiny human, it won’t take you four winters to complete.


  1. Easiest beenie ever – the pussyhat is a good project for a beginner but if you’re not a feminist you can make it in any colour you want. It looks gorgeous. Here’s one I made for my daughter’s dolly.