It’s one week until Mother’s Day and if you’re thinking of baking something for your beautiful mum, here are five ideas she’s bound to love. You can share a cake after mother’s day lunch or bring her some caramel slice she can enjoy throughout the week with her morning tea or coffee. Just remember the essential ingredient: love.


  1. Butterfly cakes – for that retro look and a bit of delicious fun, you could try some butterfly cakes. This is a good one that you could bring a few extras for Mum to enjoy later in the week by herself.
  2. Coconut and vanilla naked cake – this one is a nice twist on the old “rainbow cake” that kids love, but there’s a more sophisticated colour scheme here when you cut the cake. A great showstopper for a party.
  3. Strawberry slices – I like this idea, which is taken from the Victoria sandwich and made it bite-size. Perfect for a Mother’s Day afternoon tea.
  4. Coffee cake – who doesn’t love a coffee cake after lunch? Make sure Mum gets to save some for Monday!
  5. Caramel Slice – Donna Hay to the rescue with her delicious caramel slice recipe available here online. Nobody says “no” to caramel slice.