What’s your favourite beauty item or product? I love getting intel on good products – when I started using a kabuki brush (thanks, Kate! See below) everything fell into place for me! And I remember talking to my cousin Leanne about this sort of thing and she said, “I never know about these little hacks!” So I thought I’d ask five of my girlfriends each for their favourite beauty product and share them with you.

Kate (39): “My Kabuki brush. It gives a lovely even coverage with translucent powder so sometimes all I put on my face is an SPF moisturiser and dust over the powder. It gives a nice, natural look but still makes my face look even-toned.”

Carla (24): “Cotton tips. I load up my eyelashes at night before I go out and I don’t even worry about getting mascara all over my face. I just dab a cotton tip in a little micellar water and spot off the offending marks. When I realised I could make mistakes and fix it later without taking all my other make-up off – what a relief.”

Ling (42): “I let my kids wear nail polish but they have to remember to take it off before school. I’m not spending Sunday nights worrying about things like that. So I bought each of them one of those little containers with individual pads of nail-polish remover in them. It means I’m not stressed about acetone bleaching my carpet anymore! You can get them at Kmart for about a dollar and I always stock up.”

Mik (39): “I am really fussy about concealer because I have dark circles under my eyes and I hate when people ask me if I’m tired all the time. So I’m always looking for a good concealer that doesn’t look obvious but covers the darkness. My favourite at the moment is Maybelline Age Rewind. I hope they never discontinue it!”

Lisa (29): “You know how your hair always looks best the day after you wash it? Well I told my hairdresser, and she said I should start using a sea-salt spray after washing it to take away that softness that’s so hard to control and make it look good. So I did, and I love this stuff so much. Especially if you have hair that is a bit curly, it really looks good but not stiff, like I’ve put in product.”