These holidays my girls have brought out the Scattergories after dinner and insisting we play. And funnily enough, we’ve actually enjoyed it. It’s true: eventually your kids get to a magical age where you can enjoy family outings, play board games together with pleasure, take them out to dinner without anxiety. It’s a pretty nice time!

I was talking to a friend about board games and their family is very serious about them. They regularly play, not just in school holidays. There’s a lot to be said for doing this. It brings your family together for quality time, it teaches about failure and success and collaboration. And it’s fun!

So what games do I recommend? Here are a few ideas:

Guess Who? – This is a good one for younger children, and it teaches them logic and the process of elimination. My six-year-old loves it.

Uno – This classic card game comes in a novelty enormous size and my nephews and kids are having a lot of fun with it.

Scattergories – This is a very simply game of trying to come up with names of items in a list that start with a pre-determined letter. You don’t even need the actual game to come up with a home-made version of this. It can be very funny.

Pictionary – This game always guarantees lots of laughs, especially when people creatively draw what’s on their list.

Blokus – A friend has recommended this logic game and I’m looking forward to trying it out. Each person has to form squares with their blocks on a central board and block everyone else from putting their squares down.

Cards – Spoons, Spit, Snap, Gin Rummy – there are so many games to teach kids with a standard deck. And it’s very easily transportable!