It’s true: women feel the cold more than men. And with the cold snap we’re having on the East coast of Australia right now, women are shivering in their kitten-heels.

We’re in Australia. With the exception of a few chilly places (hello to our friends in Hobart and Canberra), the winter doesn’t last for very long. And, as such, we’re not so great at preparing for it. We don’t do central heating. After your lovely warm shower you’re likely to be shivering while you quickly get dry and put your warm pyjamas on and then huddle in front of the heater.

So how should we be keeping warm? Are there any tricks, apart from keeping the heater running?


  1. Before you heat your house, heat yourself. Wear layers of clothing, which trap your body heat between the layers. Although the idea that you lose 90% of your body heat through your head is a bit of a furphy, you will lose any heat through exposed body parts so if your whole body is covered, so it’s a good idea to put a beanie on too.
  2. Proper insulation will keep your house warm, but also curtains, door snakes, closing up cracks in the windows will help keep the heat in, too. Rugs on the floor will help, too.
  3. Eating more will help your body stay warm. That’s why we get hungrier on cold days!
  4. Hot drinks and soups will warm you up, at least for a little while.
  5. Get moving – obviously your body tempterature will increase if you go for a run – so get out and about. Or do a few star-jumps before you settle on the couch!
  6. Get baking. If your oven is on to make lovely yummy food, the ambient heat from cooking will also have the benefit of heating your home, especially if your kitchen is connected to the living areas, like in many modern houses.
  7. Put your ceiling fan on a slow, reverse cycle. This will pull the hot air which has risen to the ceiling back down to the folks on the floor.
  8. Get used to it – there is a theory that we can re-set our internal thermostat – the one which tells us when to feel cold. This happens the more we are exposed to cold. But not sure if that helps us in Sydney.