There are so many of them all over the internet – some of them make you sit up and think “Wow! Why have I never thought of that? Where has that idea been all my life?” And some of them are patently ridiculous. But it certainly pays to check up on the wisdom of the masses every now and again and find out what the latest cooking/food/kitchen hacks and ideas are. Here are ten of the best doing the rounds at the moment:


  1. Microwave Eggs – Remember your microwave? It’s not just for heating up food, you know. And if you want a low-cal, protein packed breakfast but can’t be bothered washing up pans and waiting for the element to heat up, the microwave is your friend. Here is a great little recipe


  1. Spray a little canola oil into your measuring cup before pouring in honey or syrup. It will make it much easier to get the sticky stuff out again.


  1. Got one or two go-to recipes? Laminate them (or cover with clear Contact), put a magnet on the back and keep it on the fridge. I use the same recipe for cookies over and over and it helps a lot to have the recipe in an easy to see place.


  1. Make your own freezer packs – using rubbing alcohol or simple dishwashing liquid and a ziplock bag, you can create great portable freezer packs to keep school lunches fresh or picnic drinks cool. Here’s a how-to.
  2. Open jar with a spoon. Here’s how:
  3. Make up your cookie dough, roll it into portions ready to bake and then freeze it! You’ll always have warm cookies when you need them.
  4. Grate butter to get it to room temperature fast.
  5. Freeze lemon slices in water in cupcake cake tin and use in your table water.
  6. Putting your ice-cream inside a ziplock bag will keep it soft in the freezer.
  7. And while I’m talking about ice-cream – if you’ve got a cardboard container of the stuff and lots of people to serve, consider cutting instead of scooping to get lovely even portions.