With my sugar-fast over I’m ready to start consuming all the chocolate in our house, so I thought I should come up with a few ways to share it around rather than sitting and stuffing it in my face until I sweat (probably not the best way to achieve this).

I love breaking up chocolates and using them as the chips for choc-chip cookies (my recipe here), so that’s one solution.

Another is to melt it all down into a delicious rocky road slice – just add cut up snake lollies, marshmallows and crushed scotch-finger biscuits and add them to the melty chocolate. Then pour into a slice tin and refrigerate until set. Share with neighbours and friends before you get the chance to eat it all.

Hot chocolate – perhaps the traditional Easter is celebrated in spring, but here in the Southern Hemisphere it’s an autumnal affair, meaning it’s the perfect time to start thinking about warm drinks and this hot chocolate recipe is a good way to use up Easter eggs and get a bit of calcium at the same time.

If you’re into adding some nutritious value to your chocolate, you could always consider making a fondue-style dip and dipping fruit in.

The easiest by far thing to do is to crush it all up and mix it with ice-cream (the only way to make vanilla ice-cream palatable, in my opinion), and if you want to get really fancy you could think about Easter egg brownies, Easter egg cheesecake, or chocolate cake.

Good luck with the consuming/attempting not to consume your body weight in chocolate, and wishing you all a happy and peaceful Easter.