When I was growing up my mum would regularly fly to Adelaide to spend an extended weekend with her best friend. At least, I thought of it as regular. It probably happened once a year or less. My brothers and I would whinge.

“Why are you leaving us?” we’d cry.

“Because it’s good for me and it’s good for you,” Mum would say, firmly.

She always believed that any member of the family taking a break was good for the unit as a whole. When that person came back from their break, they were refreshed and the rest of the family were ready to see them again.

But now I know that, in addition to the family benefits, mums simply need time off every now and again!

So now that I’ve convinced you to go away with your besties, here are some tips to make it a fabulous trip!

  1. I have found that using a chat app like WhatsApp or Messenger good for this. It’s more immediate than email and better than texts because everyone can instantly see what everyone else has written, regardless of what brand of phone you all have.
  2. Agree on a budget – be aware that it is easy to assume that people are on a similar budget to you but they might not be! The best idea is to ask how much your girlfriends want to or are able to spend.
  3. It can be really difficult to get half-a-dozen women to agree on a date to go away. Be patient but firm. You guys can do this, especially if you plan well in advance.
  4. After you book a place, plan – but not too much. It’s a good idea to have a sense of the area you are visiting. Find out what restaurants are nearby and book if you need to. But don’t over-plan your weekend because part of the fun is simply not having too much scheduled crap to worry about.
  5. Take a good attitude. If you go along just knowing that if things go wrong you will laugh about it or try something else, you’ll have a much better time than if you worry about what you will or won’t achieve.
  6. If there are a few of you, take advantage of the fact that some will like to get up and hit the beach and some will like to sleep in. Some will want to shop and some will want to sit in front of the fire and read. Don’t feel bad that everyone isn’t doing the same thing all the time – just enjoy that you can do what you want and meet up for afternoon drinks!
  7. Don’t worry too much about what’s going on at home. The kids will be fine without you for a couple of days. Enjoy yourself!