I’m a little late to the Puff Pastry Party. But that’s probably because I’m not much of a cook. Anyway we regularly have dinner with our neighbours and while my Friday night go-to meal (takeaway when you’re not really having takeaway) is nachos or homemade pizza or butter chicken from a jar, Kate’s is “pies”. And what she means by “pies” is bolognese sauce baked in triangles of puff pastry, served with salad. What a revelation! It’s absolutely delicious and even though I’ve tried I can’t quite replicate what she made. But since I discovered how easy it is, I’ve been experimenting and googling and here is what I’ve discovered about what you can do with Puff Pastry:

  1. Kate’s Pies – Use bolognese sauce (yes, you can use a jar of Dolmio’s if you’re so inclined. Or you can go all posh and use a proper recipe). Cut the pastry into quarters (triangles) and fill and fold over. Cover with an egg wash and bake for around 10 minutes at 200 degrees. Yum and easy. Best thing is you can keep the bolognese and the pastry sheets in the freezer and whip it all up in no time at all.
  2. Chicken and corn turnovers – Found this recipe online but it’s pretty modifiable if you find it too complicated. You just need to create a yummy chicken/corn casserole and use it as your pastry filling. Use same method as above.
  3. Palmiers – I love this idea! It’s so simple with only a couple of ingredients but looks delicious. Basically use sugar and egg and roll it all up, chop and bake. There’s more to it – recipe here – but it doesn’t look too difficult.
  4. Nutella croissants. Hello! How amazing does this look. I seriously can’t wait to make this with the kids in the school holidays.
  5. Sausage rolls – I didn’t realise that most homemade sausage rolls were made with puff pastry. DUH! Here’s a recipe you might like to try. For a vegetarian alternative you could use spinach and cheese.
  6. Tartlets – a piece of fruit, a little sugar and a glaze and you’ve got the most gorgeous little sweets. Use canned apricots or fresh strawberries. Here, here and here are some ideas.
  7. And, finally, my very basic but much beloved recipe – apple turnovers. I make these at the end of the week when the apples are looking a bit wrinkly. I peel, chop, then chuck in a microwave container with plenty of water, sugar and cinnamon. I do not measure. I let it cool and then spoon it into the aforementioned quarter-triangles of puff pastry, fork it closed, brush with melted butter and bake for about 12 minutes on 200 (give or take). Very popular after dinner and the next day in the lunch box (even though they go a bit soggy.)