This is the time of year that we traditionally go through our homes and vacuum in places we haven’t vacuumed since last year, clean windows we can’t reach and organise a council clean-up for the stuff we don’t need anymore.

So we thought it was a good time to remind everyone of some classic tips for keeping the home tidy.

  1. All in one go. I don’t agree with everything Marie Kondo says, but her idea of spending one whole day doing a proper tidy/throw-out is an idea that appeals to me. I like the thought of really dedicated a proper day to tidying, just like how you’d dedicate a day to painting, and after it’s over you can really enjoy your home.
  2. Clean-up box. Now that your home is clean, have a clean-up basket or box in the corner of the living room. This is essential if you have small children. You can easily put toys/craft/stationery in the clean-up box so that it doesn’t drive you crazy and make the kids put it away when they get home from school. That way you have a tidy home but you’re not always the one putting things away.
  3. Don’t leave the room without. Some families have a “don’t leave the room without” policy – everyone takes something with them when they exit the living room, especially when it’s bedtime. This establishes a strong habitual cleaning mentality.
  4. Touch each piece of paper once. That means, if you get a school newsletter or note, don’t just put it on top of the microwave. As soon as you touch it decide what to do. Is it a birthday invitation? RSVP then and there and put the date in your calendar. Is it an excursion note? Fill it out, tell your child to put the slip in their bag and put the date in your calendar. Then either photograph or dispose of the note. A bill? Pay it (or schedule your bank to pay it on the due date) and discard it.
  5. Too much stuff. Remember it’s a lot easier to keep a tidy house if you don’t have a lot of crap. With that in mind, maybe it is time to go a little Kondo on the place and send out the things that don’t bring you joy. Also be mindful of joy-sparking next time you’re at the shops.