Make life easier this Christmas with these cheats and hacks for those who love celebrating but don’t love stress.

  1. There are so many options for Christmas/fairy lights. This year our family are using a battery-operated set so we don’t have to crowd the tree around a power outlet.
  2. Start saving your egg cartons – they are a great way to safely store fragile ornaments.
  3. Wrap a cardboard box in Christmas paper and use it as a recycling bin on Christmas morning.
  4. Decorating Christmas cookies? Use your (clean) tomato sauce bottle (aka ‘condiment bottle’) to squeeze neat lines of icing onto your cookies!
  5. Bulk buy your wine for the silly season to save money – then use the divided wine box to store wrapping paper!
  6. Use double-sided tape for a more professional wrap!
  7. Giving a gift card? Put a self-adhesive label on it so the recipient can track the balance in case they don’t want to spend it all at once.
  8. Dark green cable ties can make great hangers for ornaments if you’ve run out …
  9. Keep a paperclip in your stickytape to keep track of where the end is (and save your fingernails)
  10. Going shopping for Christmas? Take a photo of the inside of your fridge and pantry and you won’t find yourself asking, “Do we have caster sugar…?” while you’re browsing the aisles.