Yesterday, lots of lucky mums received flowers, so today we’ve got an updated and illustrated guide to keeping your flowers fresher and pretty for longer.

I’ve always considered flowers lovely in and of themselves, a bunch of pretty colours in any kind of glassware a foolproof way to brighten any room, and I still hold that to be true. But there’s no denying that a few tricks of the trade will keep your flowers fresh for longer and have them looking gorgeous.

A beautiful bunch of colour, however you look at it.

  1. Always trim the bottom of your stems at a 45-degree angle as soon as you get them, before putting flowers in water. This will ensure they absorb maximum water. Trim every few days to prolong their life.
  2. If you’ve got a pouch of flower food, add that to the water. But if not, add a teaspoon of sugar or a little bit of sugary soft-drink. Flowers love it.
  3. Some people also add a few drops of bleach to the water, to inhibit bacterial growth.
  4. Trim any leaves that might touch the water, to minimise the rotting
  5. If you’ve got more than one bunch, consider breaking them up and making an arrangement of one colour. Different flowers in the one hue really makes a statement.

    Keeping flowers to a colour theme is always elegant.

  6. Got lilies? Trim off the pollen onto a tissue and discard to avoid having it drop onto a table cloth or brush onto clothes, where it will stain. It could also drop onto the petals and prematurely age them.
  7. Florist’s foam can be a beautiful way to keep your flowers in place. Just soak it for 15 minutes in water before adding your flowers, and remember to keep it wet.
  8. Alternatively, make a grid on the top of the vase with sticky-tape and use it to arrange your flowers.
  9. Keep your flowers in a cool place, away from vents, direct sunlight or heating or air-conditioning.
  10. Experiment with different coloured-glass vases or jars. Splitting your flowers up can look really funky and spreads the love around the room!




Picture credits from
 liz west (vase of mixed flowers)
FlowersByMeredith (white flower arrangement)
designmilk (coloured glass)
Ruth Hartnup (bouquet of roses)