10 ideas for repurposing household items to organise your lifeYou don’t have to spend a fortune on organising your home. Just think creatively about what you already have …


  1. Bread tags – use them to label your TV/DVD/Xbox cords so you know what you’re plugging in!
  2. File folders – they’re not just for your in-tray. They make great fridge organisers.
  3. Shoe organisers – those over-the-door plastic ones. They can be used to store Barbie dolls, cleaning products, scarves – whatever you’ve got a collection of!
  4. Egg cartons – make great storage for Christmas tree baubles
  5. Wine rack – not just for wine! Why not use as a towel holder in the bathroom?
  6. Shower rings – are useful for storing scarves in your wardrobe, hanging of a coat hanger
  7. Ice-cube trays – perfect for organising for bits and pieces (craft, jewellery, make-up etc)
  8. Tictac container – don’t throw it away! It’s the perfect size for storing bobby pins! Or even safety pins
  9. Cutlery organiser – the one that fits in the top drawer and organises your knives, forks, etc. You can use this for hair paraphernalia like brushes, straighteners, etc
  10. The ring-pull off a soft-drink can – hang it on a coat-hanger, add another coat-hanger and double your wardrobe space!