I have to be honest here – I always go with a bunch of flowers for mum and mum-in-law on Mother’s Day. There are a couple of reasons for this. One: nobody ever said no to flowers. They always put a smile on your face, even if they’re not your favourite bloom (but really I like every kind of flower.) Also, I’m not going to buy jewellery – Mum and Mum-in-law know what they like way better than I could ever guess. Perfume? Hayfever and personal taste puts the kibosh on that. A scarf? But what if they don’t like it and it just sits in their drawer? A book is always an option if you know what they like to read (and, crucially, know what they have already read) but my Mum only reads on the Kindle now so that’s not really an option either. Also, I’ve become a bit of a minimalist as has my mother, so I’m a bit reluctant to fill up the world with more stuff.

But if flowers are not your bag, here are some ideas for consumable Mother’s Day gifts that will put a smile on Mum’s face.

Tea or coffee – if Mum has a preference, some fancy tea or coffee might make her day. T2 of course is a legendary purveyor of all sorts of teas, all of them delicious. From plain black English Breakfast to Sencha and Green. Or a selection of many teas. Or if she’s got a coffee pod machine, maybe a hamper of pods will make her smile.

Wine – if she enjoys the odd glass, a really good bottle of red can be a winner. Or if she’s not fussy maybe a selection of wines. Even better: does Mum like the occasional G&T or Vodka and Orange, maybe you could lift her spirits, so to speak.

Chocolate – I’m all about free-trade, slavery-free chocolate but thankfully there are lots of options for really good chocolate that is totally ethical. A good option is Haigh’s. Here’s another one I found – they deliver. Yummy and pretty gifts for Mum. That maybe she will share 🙂

Dinner – Maybe take Mum out for a meal and show her you appreciate her. Dinner or High Tea is always a good option (or a day at the High Tea Party!) You can either give her a voucher and let her organise her own night out or you can take her yourself.

Face cream/hand cream – Only go with this one if you’ve done your research. But if there’s a high-priced product that you know she likes, it can be nice to surprise her with a jar or a tube of the good stuff.