Are you feeling overwhelmed? Stressed out? Got too much going on? Here are some ideas to help you deal with it.

Sometimes stress can make us feel anxious, depressed or angry. Or it can make us feel overwhelmed, forgetful or indecisive. If you are feeling overwhelmed, or if you have got a lot going on in your life and not enough resources to cope, here are some ideas:

  1. Exercise – I spoke to a woman recently who has small children. Her husband works long hours so she does almost all the parenting. She gets the kids ready in the morning and feeds, bathes and puts them to bed in the evening. Recently she came up with a brilliant idea: she started going to the gym in the morning and her husband does the breakfast/getting-ready-for-school chores. Now she has a precious hour to herself every morning and a chance to get some endorphins flowing before her day begins. Exercise is a good stress buster because it helps the body work with stress but also because it can get you away from your troubles for a while.
  2. List – keep a notebook on you at all times with your weekly or daily to-do list. That way you won’t forget things if you are a bit overwhelmed.
  3. Write it down – while we’re on the subject of writing, it might be helpful just to jot down all the things that are stressing you out. Sometimes just the process of writing things down can help you get them in perspective.
  4. Phone a friend – make a time to catch up with a trusted friend who won’t mind if you rant for a while. It can make the world of difference.
  5. Relaxation techniques – sometimes stress takes over our body and we need to work to relax, even just to get to sleep. There are lots of podcasts out there with relaxation meditations so give one a go and try to relax for ten minutes a day.


Here are some websites that might be helpful: