If you’re looking for a perfect gift for someone, you might consider doubling the gift and shopping via a charity website.

Here are some options for giving a gift twice-over.

  1. Brotherhood of St Laurence Online Book Shop – it’s an online second-hand bookstore. For some really reasonable prices and free Australia-wide delivery if you’re buying 3 or more books, this is a must to check out. Also, if you live in Melbourne, consider these guys to donate your used books to.
  2. Never Pay Retail – this woman celebrates thrift stores by selling some of her finds on her website. It’s great inspiration to get out there into the op shops, too.
  3. Oxfam – not second-hand, but everything is ethically produced and profits go to a good cause, so consider Oxfam next time you’re buying gifts. There is a huge range here, too.
  4. Amnesty International – has an online gift store with some different ideas.
  5. The Wilderness Society Shop – a place for those who care about the environment.